A Profitable Private Practice Deserves Good Bookkeeping.


You are a leader in your industry. Your focus is on providing quality help to your clients and making an impact on your community. You don’t have time to mess with your bookkeeping. You need easy, done for you bookkeeping that will not only have your books ready come tax time, but that will help you make solid business decisions for growth.

Bookkeeping for Private Practices

Whether you are a mental health professional, allied health practitioner, speech therapist, or physical therapist, your private practice is your passion. Bookkeeping is ours. We’ve helped many professionals in private practice to not only clean up their books but to make sense of the books they have so their private practice can thrive.

  • On time bookkeeping: say goodbye to playing catch up with your books. Know that every month you have a dedicated human being who knows your books that is doing your bookkeeping for you, on time.

  • Up to Date Reports: Get accurate financial reports on how your business is doing from month to month and quarter to quarter. No more waiting for overworked accountant agencies to get back to you or robotic bookkeeping software that is impersonal.

  • Quarterly Reviews: We are here to answer your questions and make sure you understand your books. Each quarter we will review your books with you so you can walk away confident and clear as a business owner.

  • Privacy Matters: We know that you deal with Private Health Information. We sign a BAA with you and train our team to be HIPAA compliant so you can be sure your data is secure and confidential.

    Take Control of Your Finances and Increase Your Profits